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A dinner date goes sour when an unexpected guest interrupts - and he's not leaving without a fight.

WriterAdriano Ariganello
Artist, Colourist, LettererLane Lloyd

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Unlimited Udo

Udo Dolos is a genius without parallel. Only he can solve the world's most complex and challenging problems. His solution?A copy of Udo Dolos for every problem.

WriterAdriano Ariganello
Artist, Colourist, LettererValentin de las Casas
Variant CoverRafael Chrestani
Variant CoverRiccardo Faccini

Stay Cool

Quick-tempered Ellie can only watch as her team spontaneously BURSTS INTO FLAMES.
Now she wants more than justice, she wants REVENGE!

Writer, LettererAdriano Ariganello
Artist, Character DesignerRafael Chrestani
Variant CoverBrian Azcurra
Variant CoverMattia Monaco
ColouristRiccardo Faccini
Tankobon Bonus CoverRichard A. Morgan

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